Web Development Services in Sydney, Australia

Codem was founded in 2007 by web developer James Ellis. I have over 15 years experience in both frontend & backend development processes and devops.

Recently I've been doing automation work with Ansible, frontend layouts with ResponsiveBP,  Bootstrap & Material Design, building asynchronous PHP systems using Gearman, Redis, Memcache and  switching to MariaDB.

I can help you with content managed sites, blogs, messaging & notification systems including SMS, e-commerce sites and am happy to work within a team building components of larger projects.

Read the blog, which contains sporadic notes and footnotes on web development in general && contact me to talk about projects.

From the Codem blog

I had this weird problem with some deployments on dev boxes that was proving difficult to resolve. With a public/private keypair set up, correct permissions on the keys and the authorized_yes...

With the acceptance of SNI it's possible to have multiple SSL domains hosted off the same IP address.

The Pinba Engine acts as a pluggable storage engine for  MySQL or MariaDB. Clients such as the PHP Pinba Extension and the Nginx Pinba Module feed data in.