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I had this weird problem with some deployments on dev boxes that was proving difficult to resolve. With a public/private keypair set up, correct permissions on the keys and the authorized_yes...

With the acceptance of SNI it's possible to have multiple SSL domains hosted off the same IP address.

The Pinba Engine acts as a pluggable storage engine for  MySQL or MariaDB. Clients such as the PHP Pinba Extension and the Nginx Pinba Module feed data in.

So you've got a web application up and running and it's working well. A number of factors can conspire to cause issues with parts of your web application -  third...

First the why - and quoting the module's documentation page:

After reading the Phabricator documentaton for Configuring Inbound Email you may be forgiven for simply running up an account on Mailgun or Sendgrid.

Apache has .htaccess handling, but if you want to set PHP configuration per directory on a website served by Nginx, you may think you are stuck.

I remember back when angled corners and border radius caused a developer to break out in a cold sweat. 'Time to break out the image slices', we all heard.

If you have Varnish running on port 80, Nginx has to run on a different port behind it.

If you've hit the "ManyManyList::add() can't be called until a foreign ID is set" error when hacking away at a Silverstripe 3 GridField implementation that includes a DataExtension, you may...