A blog with some insights into the work I do. We're talking HTML5, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Silverstripe, testing, monitoring and automation.

I've recently switched the blog away from Wordpress, there may be some formatting hiccups while that's smoothed out, bear with me!

Silverstripe 2.4 runs pretty well under PHP 5.4 with one exception - the ManifestBuilder.

I've just merged in v2.0 of the codem website. The update brings a new theme, better integration with social networks and, most importantly, the backend of the site has been...

Recently I had a SilverStripe project go live on a host running the "Zeus" web server.

A quickie but a goodie. Cufón's great for embedding fonts into web pages without having to resort to images or Flash.

A recent project had us dealing with the differences in whole days between two dates stored in a MySQL table.

I've been looking at mongodb as a solution for some projects. It looks like a decent solution that sits between a standard RDBMS like MySQL or Postgres and schema-less solutions...

XML isn't the lightest of data serialisation formats out there. Consider and compare this: